Kenyan University Nano Satellite Precursor Flight

Satellite Status NORAD Uplink Downlink Beacon Mode Callsign Reports Info IARU freq coord Telemetry Decoder
1KUNS-PF ACTIVE 43466 437.300 1k2 GMSK latest report details YES

The 1KUNS-PF (1U cubesat) mission is a technology demonstration, aiming at testing in orbit in-house developed technology, in collaboration between University of Nairobi, Kenya and University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy, to test in relevant space environment several critical technologies, needed for the IKUNS program, a 6U University Cubesat for Earth observation in the visual band, funded by ASI and currently under development. The aim of 1KUNS-PF is testing in orbit and prove functionality of several components, either commercial or developed in house, intended for use in the 1KUNS mission. In detail, the in-house developed systems are:

– Silicon cell solar panel
– Telemetry Electronic Board
– 3-DOF attitude control system, using a momentum wheel

Secondary scientific objectives are associated with the acquisition, store on-board, and correct transmission to ground of low-definition, panchromatic images of the East Africa region, where the interest of Kenya is mainly in the Earth Observation techniques and applications for agriculture monitoring and coastal areas monitoring.


RF spectrum, 1k2 GMSK